The perfect note (with a purpose)

It’s no secret that even small acts of kindness make an unimaginable difference in the world. For years, I have dreamed of starting my very own greeting card company, and finally this idea is becoming a reality! My daughter Ana will be running the company with me. My love of photography and her love of writing will combine to make unique greeting cards which will benefit local charities.

Ana named our company, “The Perfect Note…with a Purpose.”  One hundred percent of the profit earned will be donated to charities (local ones to begin with).  We will design  a new card every quarter, using an image of mine that inspires us. Eventually, the cards may feature a quote or saying written or chosen by Ana.  For the time being, we have two simple note cards available for purchase.  Both cards are blank on the inside…One is of Ana praying at the age of three. (This is the photo that helped set my passion in motion toward the business I run today!)  The “Crosses of St. Mary’s” is a project I created for the 2017 St. Mary’s High School annual gala/auction.  I walked every inch of the school photographing nearly 50 crosses that hang there.  The artpiece was a huge success and was printed on canvas and metal.  So I thought, “Why not note cards?!”  Both cards are perfect for any type of note you need to send.

Join us in making a difference! Your purchase will not only benefit local charities, but will be a blessing to whom ever you send them. Let’s do a small act of kindness with great love together- it will have a remarkable impact.

Set of 5-$15 (includes envelopes)

Single cards-$3.50 (includes envelope)

To purchase cards, visit my website: and click on The Perfect Note in the bottom right corner of the home page.  Or, click here!


Turn that frown upside down….this is the year!

Turn that frown upside down because we’ve got you covered!

We hear it every year….”THIS is the year I will get organized…”

We L.O.V.E. the satisfaction that comes from being organized and truth be told, we think we’re pretty good at it!

If you have ever struggled (that means all of you, right?) finding that one picture from a certain event that happened several years ago, in some folder on your overworked computer, we can help!

Personality Portraits will teach you how to organize your photos so you can put your finger on any one of them at any time, in only a few seconds!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Classes are one on one so we can really dig in and help you.
  • 1.5 hours for only $99
  • Email ( or call us (719-291-5545) to schedule your appointment.

Take control once and for all!  We are excited to assist you in organizing those photographic heirlooms hiding on your computer!  (Oh, and we WILL convince you to print some too….after all, heirlooming history is what we do!)

~Tricia, Personality Portraits, Inc.

{ my little girl + some off camera flash}

Not quite sure where the time goes.  Wow.  When did my first born blossom into a young, beautiful inside and out, lady?!  The pretty little one you are looking at is where my career began.  It was the shots of my little pumpkin that launched my blessed career!  Thirteen + years ago people began to ask, after seeing photos of Ana, “Would you take pictures of my child?  Family? Wedding?”  Surreal.  I just can’t believe it has been 13 years already.  And even though she has been photographed a ‘gazillion’ times, she is always a fabulous model…that set of eyes a photographer needs in order to practice (yes, I said practice!)  So, here we are….Palmer Park.  No assistant.  Wind.  And an off-camera flash with umbrella (not just an umbrella for Ana, but an umbrella for my flash!).  The shoot lasted only 15 minutes or so.  Impossible with the wind…but we had fun while we quickly played and still managed to capture these beauties.

One of Ana’s all time favorite movies is Mary Poppins, hence this photograph!  🙂  With the wind and umbrella, it seemed fitting.Found this most GORGEOUS vintage umbrella at a consignment shop.  Couldn’t walk out of the store without it.  Sure wish things were this well-made today.  Its quality is so apparent.  Amazing.Definitely my favorite shot of the session.  LOVE the texture in the dress, grass/weed and her hair.  LOVE the colors.  LOVE the model most.  This image has only been adjusted for contrast and slight vibrance.  No photoshop.  🙂  It is the way I like my images to look.  Natural.  On occasion, however, I do love to play with photos in Photoshop (when time allows!)  Below you will see some versions of the same image modified.

Same image, but applied an action (editing recipe!) to it in Photoshop.  The name of the action is ‘velvet.’Original image cropped tightly to draw you to only her eyes/face.  Even though I LOVE color, a strong image can speak a very different language in black and white or rich-toned sepia.Now, the velvet image cropped for impact.

Another sweet pose.  Right out of my Nikon.  Same thing here.  Near the end of the shoot and right out of camera.And, a parting shot….Her radiating confidence makes me smile.  And the green?  What can I say?  Green things mean life.  And life is oh so good.

{ roomie comes to colorado }

A few years ago, I attended a photography workshop by Neil van Neikerk in Wisconsin.  This is where I met my savvy, creative Western New York buddy, Deanna, of Visually Deelicious!  Who knew?!  We were perfectly paired roommates.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Since that time, we have developed quite a friendship.  She makes creativity look easy!  And I am blessed to piggy back on her talents.

In May, she came to Colorado to shoot Candace and Jordan’s wedding with me.  It was her first  visit Colorado.  We were quite busy as you can imagine!  I had to show her our great town of Colorado Springs.  And, of course, had to get my camera on her somewhere in the Colorado Rockies!

After we hit Swish Vintage in Old Colorado City for some vintage finds (Deanna is a vintage freak!  Even more than me!), we headed to Palmer Park for some images!  It’s not every day photographers take time to be photographed so it was fun for both of us!  Here she is in her vintage digs!  Meet my friend, Deanna.

Oh, and have you noticed that I have a crazy love  for on-location fashion shoots?!  Thinking of doing something like this?!  Let’s go!



{from this day forward….chad + jennifer}

Congrats to you, Chad + Jennifer, on your June 15, 2013 wedding!  It was a beautiful event and celebration of  true love.  The two of you laugh so beautifully together.  We saw it during your engagement session and all throughout your wedding day.  What a refreshing display of happiness!  May your married life be a beautiful reflection of the vows you took.  Blessings in the biggest of ways…

~trish and phil

{The Happy Book}

Years ago I bought this cheerful, little, colorful striped book.  My kids and I decided it would be our ‘Happy Book.’  A wonderful little place to record all things happy.  All things that we love and that cause the corners of our lips to curve upward in gratitude for the life we live.  This image is one that conjures up happy for sure.  A hot summer day with childhood friends.  Homemade cookies and lemonade (not to mention the artistic signs!)  $30 in sales from their delightful customers and a slightly full tip jar.  !  Lemonade stands.  Happy for sure.  Who can pass one up?! 

{ just the girls }

There’s nothing quite as fun as playing in the summertime color with girls.  And not just ANY girls….but girls I’ve known for a LONG, LONG time.  My profession of documenting “friends’ forevers” is truly an honor.  I know, I know, I say it all the time.  But this IS the stuff that life is made of.  Linda, Mindy and Abri…what fantastic fun in my yard between raindrops.  Lots more fun coming your way.  For now, a tiny sneak peek.  🙂  Oh, and thanks to my lovely assistant, Ana, for the help with the light disk! 


Wedding season has arrived! {Candace + Jordan = bliss}

I’m not quite sure where the time goes.  It’s nearly June already and wedding season has arrived in full bloom.  Years ago when I started my business, I said I’d never shoot a wedding, mostly out of fear quite frankly.  Wow how times have changed.  Now, although I only book 6 or fewer per year, I have come to love documenting the stories the images tell.  Today is my 16 year anniversary to my fabulous husband, Joe, and I am very thankful I have lasting images to remind me of our perfect day.

So without further pause, telling images of Candace + Jordan’s beautiful wedding last weekend.  Like us, you will always celebrate your marriage around a three-day weekend!  Thank you for choosing Personality Portraits to photograph your forever day.  Congratulations a thousand times.  ~trish


Kelly calling….it must be spring time! :)

Each year, almost like clockwork as springtime approaches, I get a Facebook message or a text from a wonderful, long-time client for their annual photo shoot!  I am so thankful for you, Kelly!  It is truly a joy to create forever treasures for you each year.  A joy to watch your family bloom.  I have many more fun, playful, colorful images to come your way.  Soon.  For now, a quick little sneak peek of a few of my faves. 

Colin in front of my camera

It’s a funny thing, but almost every time I photograph a male high school senior, they are ‘dreading’ it’ before hand.  Colin said, when I asked him if there was anything specific he would like, “just make my mom happy.”  What a cooperative guy.  I really loved working with him and believe it or not, by the end of the shoot, he was ‘into it.’  Thanks Colin for the creative run!  I think your mama will be happy!  Congrats on your high school graduation!



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